Allison Janney on St. Mark's Place for new film, Tallulah.

Allison Janney on St. Mark’s Place for new film, Tallulah.

Juno co-stars Ellen Page and Allison Janney were spotted last week filming Tallulah and we stumbled on them again today on St. Marks Place between Second and Third Avenues. Amidst the flow of spandex-wearing visitors in and out of 12 St. Marks (home to Yoga for the People), the two casually dressed actresses stepped out of the building for a lunch break.

While Page and Janney seemed wiped (makes sense, since they had been on set since 6am), we managed to get a word with producer Heather Rae. “They’re wonderful, they’re awesome,” she said of the duo. “Obviously, they know each other so they have a great rapport.”

Tallulah, a dramatic comedy written and directed by Sian Heder of Orange is the New Black, centers around the story of a young, free-spirited woman (Tallulah, played by Page) who takes a baby from the hands of an irresponsible mother to raise on her own with the help of her ex-boyfriend’s mom. The three women later form a deep bond, according to Screen Daily.

“We’re shooting almost entirely in Manhattan, a little outside of this borough,” Rae revealed, indicating that today’s shoot was of a dinner party scene. “The story takes place in New York City, which is wonderful.”

Heder’s husband, David Newsom, was also around. The producer and actor told us he met Heder ten years ago for production of the short Mother, which led to the current project. A romantic beginning for a film that promises to be both dark and humorous.

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