Cobain's childhood bedroom. (Aberdeen Realty)

Cobain’s childhood bedroom. (Aberdeen Realty)

A couple of months after Vulture noticed Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s old Los Angeles apartment on Airbnb, the listing has been taken down. Sorry, Nirvana fans: if you want to sleep like Cobain slept, you’ll have to crawl underneath a bridge and collect drippings from the ceiling.

Actually, that’s not quite true.

A call to Aberdeen Realty confirms that Cobain’s childhood home in Aberdeen, Washington is still on the market, and now just $400,000, as opposed to the half a million his family was hoping to get when they originally put it up for sale in 2013. But let’s face it, nobody who’s seen Montage of Heck is going to want to raise their kids in Aberdeen, even if it’d be kind of cool to listen to Cobain’s forthcoming solo album in his boyhood bedroom.

The sexier option is obviously the Los Angeles pad where Kurt did a lot of painting (among other things), but when we recently looked for it on Airbnb, it had disappeared. We sent a Facebook message to Brandon Kleinman, who had been renting it for a couple of years, and he confirmed that he had to pull the listing. He declined to say why. Back in April, Kleinman told Vulture that his landlord kept the apartment’s history a secret until the lease was signed, so who knows how the landlord felt about all the media attention over the Airbnb listing.

I’m not sure I would’ve shelled out $290 a night when the Jim Morrison room in the Alta Cienega Motel is more reasonably priced at $118 (so long as you don’t mind roaches). But I have to admit, “Kurt Cobain’s place” is a pretty awesome answer to the question, “Where did you sleep last night?”