Williamsburg Walks, Bedford Avenue Block Party 2015: Yog

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

An experimental filmmaker and former MIT professor has pleaded guilty to robbing a Bowery bank in what he says was an art project that the Queens Museum wants to screen. [NY Post]

Police are seeking a man who ripped off a woman’s clothes and molested her in Bushwick. [NY Daily News]

A man who was struck in the head at the Charleston has been pronounced brain dead, but police have yet to name a suspect. [Gothamist]

The namesake of Ray’s Candy Store, Ray Alvarez, had a heart valve replaced yesterday. [EV Grieve]

A man was arrested for stealing a woman’s phone from her just after 4 a.m. on Metropolitan Avenue Sunday. [Brooklyn Paper]

Extell faces accusations that they are causing South Street to sink with their 80-story condo -in-progress. [Bowery Boogie]

Bowery Pizza appears to be replacing “pizza speakeasy” SRO at 334 Bowery. [EV Grieve]

Pete Wells dropped by Blanca in Bushwick and gave it three stars. [New York Times]

The Observer dropped into Lower East Side cider bar Wassail in a review that begins “Christ on a cross street, I don’t even recognize my old block any more.” [NYO]

The Marvel/Netflix vehicle AKA Jessica Jones will shoot on Bowery today. [Bowery Boogie]

At 8 p.m., Littlefield will showcase a dozen contestants in the fourth annual Inner Beauty Pageant (tickets are $5-$7). [The Skint]

Check out this round-up of every Brooklyn Flea market this summer. [Brooklyn]