Welcome back from the dream that is Memorial Day weekend. We’ve made it. It’s summer. And now the sweltering temperature and unrelenting sun join the long, long list of things we can officially complain about in unison. But don’t worry, there are plenty of things happening this week to keep the holiday dream alive. The distant future holds of pleasurable romp of a BBQ, more experimental electronic stuff than you can throw a bundle of sticks at, and tons of summery garage rock to keep you going all through this twisted season.

Giant Claw, Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk, Macula Dog, Mezzanine Swimmers, Trabajo

Let’s call this show, in all probability, sufficiently weird. Giant Claw is the glitchy R&B solo project of Keith Rankin, co-founder of Orange Milk Records. The net-centric experimental record label, which is based on Columbus, Ohio, is known for their nothing-short-of-amazingly-stylish j-card designs (if you’re a digital native, these are the little guys that go inside cassette tape covers) and similarly past meets future of electronic weirdness. Giant Claw brings us Orange Milk’s fully realized thrust.

Macula Dog is where this show really launches into the realm of the bizarro. There’s something unreasonable about the twisted circus electronics happening here. Close your eyes and picture formless acid babies pumping on tuneless accordions and sliding their teeth down fractured xylophones and you’ve captured half of Macula Dog’s dementia. Thankfully there will be live visuals at this show to make things less trippy. Tuesday May 26th, 8 pm at Palisades: $8

Bohemian Grove’s BBQ Festival

If Memorial Day didn’t quite drive the point home that it’s BBQ season y’all, then Bohemian Grove’s approaching weekend festivities should seal the deal. A slew of bands will be breaking the DIY Cinderella rule and playing well past the stroke of midnight. Party starts at beer o’clock and runs till the wee hours of the morning, so if you come shirtless you might not leave happy. Also, remember Dad Bods are some patriarchal BS– by all means flaunt it if you got it but please don’t utter that term as an excuse for sloppy ways. I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’ve done the research, but I’m guessing it was invented by someone at a certain news organization that rhymes with Sox.

Musically speaking, there will be a wide variety of body types on display, begging to be celebrated. The Trains brings us old-fashioned lo-fi garage rock with a hat tipped to jangle and a deep bow to sun-blistered psych. The Night Screams are practicing divination that resides in a similar vein.

But then check out the likes of Fuck Fuck and there’s an unstaring devotion pointed straight at late ’80s, early ’90s indie rock and singer-songwriter-R&B-er dude Samson the Truest. Saturday May 30th, 5 pm at Bohemian Grove: Free? 

Neil Hagerty, PC Worship, Sore Eros, Rips

Mr. Neil Hagerty has certainly put in his time as founding member (along with his GF Jennifer Herrema) of Royal Trux, solo artist, author of books, and comic book artist. When the couple broke up in the late 2000s, so did Royal Trux, but Hagerty has pushed on, sometimes accompanied by the Howling Hex and other times just by his lonesome. Needless to say we’re super excited to see what he’s got up his sleeve for this particular live show. Hagerty will be joined by the Brooklyn rock darlings of PC Worship, given to being freaky weirdos. Everything good seems to be selling out at this venue as of late so get on it while you can. Thursday May 28th, 8 pm at Baby’s All Right: $10 in advance 

Old Table, Sweet Baby Jesus, Bethlehem Steel, Say “No!” to Architecture, Thomas Quintus 

Stripped-down pop that’s actually somewhat earnest is kind of surprising. Think about it. Usually this stuff is all mega-dark cynicism and murderous depravity. Not so for Old Table, which means this band certainly isn’t old hat. Sorry. Bethlehem Steel is equally sweet-toothed stuff, however such things are easily forgiven in light of voices as lovely as this lead’s. Sweet Baby Jesus will balance out the show with an opposing tendency, heart-ripping jangle rock. Thursday May 28th, 8 pm at Aviv: $7