from left: Eric Sosa and Mike TKTK (Photo: Nicole Disser)

from left: Eric Sosa and Mike TKTK (Photo: Nicole Disser)

Eric Sosa and Michael Zuco are partners in life and now they’re about to be partners in business as well. The couple, who recently got engaged, decided to hold off their wedding in lieu of opening up a new bar on Bed-Stuy’s bustling Franklin Avenue. “We’re going to a give it a year so we can get this place on its feet,” Sosa explained. When it opens in a couple of weeks, C’mon Everybody will join a gaggle of new restaurants and bars along the Franklin Avenue strip south of DeKalb. But Sosa and Zuco are offering more than just booze and the possibility of good times. C’mon Everybody will be one of the few places in the area with a space dedicated to live music. “We’re going back to that sort of underground New York nightlife scene in the late ‘70s, early ‘80s,” Zuco explained. “We’re all really influenced by that era, and the decor reflects that without being too kitschy or over the top.”

The interior, though still under construction, is nearly complete but the ’70s vibes are in tact. Think Golden Cadillac in the East Village (now defunct and reborn as Boilermaker), though with a contemporary update. For example the color palette (amber stained wood, varsity green and yellow) is wholly late ’70s, but the stage and show room are completely modern.

The reference to a bygone era when Studio 54 reigned and people partied with rampant abandon in the freewheeling era before the AIDS crisis hit is not simply a nostalgia for aesthetic. “C’mon Everybody, the name of the bar, came about because we’re fans of Chic and that’s a line in one of their songs,” Sosa explained. “But it’s also a call to action. The idea is to create a space where everyone can coexist and commingle, there aren’t any lines— straight, gay, black, white– and everybody can hang out and have a good time. It’s not like, a gay bar, it’s not a straight bar or a rock venue. It’s sort of everything.”

rendering of the bar's interior (Courtesy of C'mon Everybody)

rendering of the bar’s interior (Courtesy of C’mon Everybody)

“Back in the late ’70s and early ’80s underground, there was a cohesion of different groups that came together because they were on the societal sidelines,” Zuco, who is a Brooklyn native, explained. “Seeing the way Brooklyn has developed over time and these splits form within the neighborhoods as they have changed, there are groups of people that are not necessarily co-mingling in the best way.”

To address this, the partners say they are hoping to create a space where everyone can party together. “I think that was one of our goals, to create a space where the people who have lived in this neighborhood forever can come in and hang out and feel comfortable, and the people who just moved in from wherever can come in too,” Zuco said.

“Everyone on the block has been so embracing, which has been really awesome,” Sosa added. “We’re really going to be a part of the community.”

The owners say they’re planning for a live music bill that’s eclectic. “We’ll do soul and funk and electronic music, indie-pop, stuff like that,” Sosa explained. We have a lot of bigger DJs coming in who have been on the scene for a while Ana Matronic from the Scissor Sisters is gonna be DJing here, Eli Escobar, Rich Medina.”

“But our house sound, like our playlist, is going to be a throwback to the late ‘70s,” Zuco explained.

There’s plenty of space to hang out separate from the shows, which will take place in the back where there’s a full backline, stage, and mobile DJ booth the main bar is just off the entrance and another room off to the side has group seating. Some nights there will be cover at the door, depending on the DJ or performer, but generally anyone can pop in for a drink without having to pay at the door.

The cocktail menu hasn’t been set in stone just yet. But Sosa hinted: “It’ll be seasonal.” C’mon Everybody will offer four beers on rotating taps as well as an extensive selection of bottles and cans.

“We have a big family behind the business and there’s just really good energy,” Zuco said.

Sosa added: “And that’s the energy we want the space to have as well.”

C’mon Everybody, located at 325 Franklin Avenue, will have its soft opening Tuesday June 2nd through Thursday June 4th, followed by the official opening weekend Friday June 5th and Saturday June 6th.