(Photo: Lindsey Smith)

(Photo: Lindsey Smith)

The day is finally upon us. Citi Bike is planning a 53-station expansion into northern Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and the fringes of Bushwick. As it stands, getting around these neighborhoods often means braving bus transfers or the G + L combo, neither of which are particularly appetizing options. Theoretically, this expansion will make life easier for North Brooklynites, but we wanted to see just how easy.

Using Google Maps and a map of expanded bike-share service posted by Brooklyn Paper, we found out how long it will take to get to a few of North Brooklyn’s more remote venues using either public transit or Citi Bike. We used Bedford Avenue as our starting point because it’s the funnel from Manhattan and there will be two Citi Bike stations within one block of the stop. All bike times include our estimate of four minutes for checking out and returning a bike. Keep in mind we didn’t factor in the delays that occur when someone jumps in front of your train or your Citi Bike dock looks like the one above.

GREENPOINT: basically the new Amsterdam

Saint Vitus Bar (1120 Manhattan Ave.)
15-30 mins via MTA: A 15-minute ride on the B62, which runs every 15 minutes, so potentially a 30 minute trip.
13 min via City Bike: A quick seven minutes to the nearest Citi Bike station (at the intersection of Dupont St. and Franklin St.), then a two-block walk.

Good Room (98 Meserole Ave.)
8-23 min via MTA: We’re back with the the B62, for anywhere between an eight and 23 minute trip.
9 min via Citi Bike: There will be a Citi Bike station right there at the intersection of Manhattan and Meserole Avenues, and it’s just a five-minute ride from the L.

Achilles Heel (180 West St.)
17-32 min via MTA: Yes, it’s our good friend the B62, Greenpoint’s one-trick pony.
13 mins via Citi Bike: It’s just a seven-minute ride to the proposed Citi Bike station at the India St./East River pier, then three blocks to the bar.



Rough Trade (64 N. 9th St.)
No point in riding the bus or a bike for this one; we hope you’re really not so lazy that you won’t just walk four blocks. (After all, this isn’t LA.)

Pete’s Candy Store (709 Lorimer St.)
So it’s a bit more of a walk than Rough Trade, but we’re confident you’ll manage the ten minutes/eight blocks.


BUSHWICK: where Citi-Biking makes no damn sense

Arrogant Swine (173 Morgan Ave.)
13-18 min via MTA: Like all things Bushwick, stay on the L, this time to Morgan Ave., then walk for six minutes.
24 min via Citi Bike: Of all your Bushwick options, this one makes the least sense for a Citi Bike, since the expansion isn’t going east of Bushwick Ave. This means you’d have a 10-minute ride to the Montrose Ave. station, and then a 10-minute walk.

Pumps (1089 Grand St.)
13-18 min via MTA: The L to Grand St., plus an eight-minute walk. Not too shabby for some “quality boobs and booze.”
21 min via Citi Bike: Bike nine minutes to Grand Street, ditch your clunky blue chariot, then walk for eight minutes.

Shea Stadium BK (20 Meadow St.)
11-16 min via MTA: Stay on the L to Grand St., then walk a few blocks.
20 min via Citi Bike: If you really want your exercise, you could get off the L at Bedford Avenue, then bike to the proposed Citi Bike station at Grand Street, and then walk for six minutes. But don’t get carried away, now.

The Well (272 Meserole St.)
9-14 min via MTA: Basically within spitting distance of the Montrose Ave. stop, so just stay on the L.
16 min via Citi Bike: A 10-minute bike ride to Montrose, were you’ll ditch the bike, then a short walk.