You better believe we’re back with a sick music lineup for your eyes and ears only, boys and girls. This week, take advantage of the following opportunities to step outside your comfort zone. We’re not saying you should put yourself in a situation where you should dance. As if. Trust us, we’d never ask you to do something as unattractive as that. Rather, swoop into one new East Village venue and hit up another Greenpoint one that gets a lot less love than it deserves. Or just stick with the tried and true party spots, your choice. Gobble up these juicy sound waves while you can still feel em.

Hamish Kilgour, Scupper, the Big Quiet, Journalism

I’ll be one thousand percent real, I haven’t made it to Pet Rescue–a DIY venue in the same vicinity as Aviv, an industrial zone at the border of Greenpoint and East Williamsburg– and I’m not sure why. But the quality of this weekend’s show means I’ve run out of excuses. New Zealand indie rock legend Hamish Kilgour of the Clean (yes, that Clean) is playing a solo set. If you’re not familiar, the Clean are a massively influential band and you’ve definitely heard bands trying imitating their sound– Pavement, Mudhoney, which basically means every indie band ever. And Mr. Kilgour is a total OGs — just think, he was crafting this sound way back in the late ’70s, and it’s something newer bands are still nodding to (Parquet Courts, anyone?).

The rest of the lineup consists of local Brooklyn bands — some familiar, some not so much. Scupper write some admirable pop that can be cute, but like in a clever way, not a starry-eyed, bubblegum sort of way so don’t let me lose you at that. The Big Quiet are a vaguely alt pop band– their music has that empowering girl vibe of ’90s soundtrack-worthy tracks, so definitely worth checking out. And if you find yourself seriously digging their sound, then pick up a copy of their new album which the band is dropping at this show. It’s available on tape and digital format if you’re behind the times and without a cassette player. Journalism always seem to be popping up in lineups here and there, and they’ll be bringing some much needed downer bliss vibes to this show.

Oh, and according to our sources, if you want to catch Hamish get there early. Saturday March 28th, 8:30 pm at Pet Rescue, 346 Morgan Avenue $5 suggested donation at the door


No One and the Somebodies, Big Neck Police, The Gradients, Heeney, Hankmay

The headliners, No One and the Somebodies, are an odd bunch to say the least, floating somewhere between weird punk and the obligatory “crazy” track on any good record. Except the latter makes for all of this band’s output. And their song names are absolutely charming: “Steve Jobs’ Khaki Pants,” “No Fracking Way,” and “Bill Gates’ Dickless Angels.”

Big Neck Police simply fly by the seat of their filthy pants, making borderline jazzy noise punk. Like my dad always said, jazz fusion is the future.

Look out for a mystery performance by Passive Aggressive Girls Club. Don’t ask me what they’re all about coz I have no earthly idea. Friday March 27th, 8 pm at Aviv, 496 Morgan Avenue: $7 at the door

11038397_807142786042580_2439796679254311358_nVomitface, Law$uits, Dead Tenants, Lutkie

First I’m hearing of these guys, but I like what’s hitting the ol’ drums. Law$uits have a pretty raw sound, though not one achieved by lo-fi recordings or crackly pedals, but a devotion to straight-up, stripped-down noise rock. And hey, it looks like they’ve name two of their songs after Dostoevsky novels, so that’s something.

Lutkie‘s shapeshifting noise pieces are outta this world and are sure to inflict temporary aural psychosis on everyone at the show. Dead Tenants add a nice facet to the lineup, bringing something a little bit more unhinged than their rock counterparts on the bill and with more recognizable licks than a noise set will dish out. Tuesday March 31st, 8 pm at Palisades, 906 Broadway: $5 at the door

Swearing at Motorists, DTCV

Elvis Guesthouse, a new East Village venue brought to you by the dudes behind Baby’s All Right (um, complete with shower curtains?) had its grand opening a couple weeks back. If you missed that, here’s your chance to scope the new space. Swearing at Motorists came all the way from Dayton so best show them a good time in exchange for their heartfelt, rainy day indie. It’s slow stuff, but rife with feeling.

DTCV (as in “detective”– LOL thanks guys never would have guessed that one) are the other side of the music coin — upbeat pop rock complete with gentle, almost whispered vocals. Sounds infuriating, but I promise it’s just catchy. Saturday March 28th, 8 pm at Elvis Guesthouse, 85 Avenue A: $12