Three buildings have collapsed and a fourth is still ablaze in the East Village following an apparent gas explosion this afternoon at 121 Second Avenue. As of 10:30pm, there were 19 reported injuries, with four in critical condition. You can read our initial report here. Below, we’ve gathered raw footage from the scene.

The above video, shot by Blake Farber, shows 121 Second Avenue, near East 7th Street, in the moments after the blast, around 3:15pm. You can see the wreckage of what used to be Sushi Park before the building starts smoking.

Below, video from the moment the blast occurred, sending pedestrians running:

Dazed victims, some of them bloodied and gagging, were helped out of the building:

A woman was helped off of her fire escape by a neighbor. Then a man who identified himself as an off-duty firefighter scaled the building in search of victims:

This video, shot around the same time by Troy Hinson, shows a victim lying in the street as onlookers start to mass.

As the building erupted in flames, fire jetted into the sky. Video by Scott Westerfield:

The FDNY shot this footage of the fire raging behind the facades of 121 and 123 Second Avenue:

Here’s what the blaze looked like next-door — “not 30 yards from our kitchen window,” per the cameraman:

Here’s the FDNY’s video of the moment 123 Second Avenue collapsed:

Firefighters continued to spray down the adjacent buildings as smoke billowed out:

Mayor De Blasio arrived on the scene for a press conference:

Here’s what he said:

This post will be updated as more video becomes available. Have footage from the scene? E-mail us here.