Out of Line Exhibit (Photo: Paula Ho)

Keep calm and carry home some art — and help fund schools in the process.

On Friday, The Creative Cycle hosted “Out of Line” at Bruce High Quality Foundation University in the East Village. The one-night only exhibit raised a total of $420 for two arts classrooms at PS 64 Robert Simon and PS 9 Teunis G. Bergen. If you missed it, don’t worry: you can still chip in by buying a new mix tape of previously unreleased tracks from your fave Brooklyn bands.


B.H.Q.F.U. (Photo: Paula Ho)

Inspired by her experience as an artist, Kelsey McLoed started The Creative Cycle in 2014 to counter budget cuts for arts education in public schools throughout New York. “This was something that didn’t make sense to me,” she said of the cuts. “Even in elementary school [in California], I had seen that the benefits of [how] art extend[s] beyond what is created. Being engaged with art helped me feel comfortable in the classroom, communicate with others who didn’t speak the same language, and think creatively.”


Artwork by Nicole Reber (Photo: Paula Ho)

When she realized she didn’t have enough space in her New York apartment to keep all her artwork, McLoed figured that if she and fellow artists with the same problem sold their sketches at affordable prices, much like street vendors who sell cheap photographs of New York landmarks, she could use the proceeds to buy art supplies for schools in need. Since then, the non-profit organization has sponsored seven classrooms.


Artwork by Kelsey McLoed (Photo: Paula Ho)

“Out of Line” focused on pared-down pen-on-paper sketches. It also showcased a mixtape of rehearsals, demos, and unfinished works by Brooklyn bands like Ava Luna, Total Slacker, and Slothrust.

The Creative Cycle will be hosting its next event on April 30 at the Silent Barn. Tickets sales will be used to buy instruments for another TBA public school.

Otherwise, like we said: keep calm, buy some art, fund schools.