(The Strand)

(The Strand)

Buzzfeed’s Books Editor will be on hand at Johnny Rotten’s talk April 30 about his latest memoir, Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored. We’re hoping the discussion will lend itself to a more accurate “Which Punk Icon Are You?” quiz because I haven’t quite gotten over finding out I’m more Kathleen Hannah than John Lydon. But if you’re simply hoping to see if Mr. Rotten can top his excellent 1994 memoir, Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs, head to the Strand bookstore on April 30.

For all you nearsighted young people out there, Johnny Rotten aka John Lydon was a member of the Sex Pistols. Unlike Sid Vicious, Rotten actually had an interest in playing music. So after the short-lived band broke up, he came back as front man for Public Image Ltd– a band that was freaking amazing by comparison. Lydon went on to do some stuff that qualifies him as either a total sell out or the biggest troll in the world, see: John Lydon’s Megabugs (a Discovery Channel nature show hosted by Mr. Rotten) and his casting in a would-be 2014 production of Jesus Christ Superstar (the show was abruptly cancelled).

Given Lydon’s predilection for outlandish behavior (his admission to spending £10,000 on iPad games) and getting himself into serious trubz, we’re betting My Life Uncensored details some pretty delicious antics and what better way to hear about the book than to hear it straight from the Rotten’s mouth? Per usual, if you buy a copy of the book, you get into the reading for free. But best to queue up early — we’re guessing the Strand might get a little packed for this one.

There’s another event happening real soon that proves punk’s not dead, which I sincerely hope it’s not, coz then I’m writing from beyond the grave. Arturo Vega (honorary “fifth Ramone” according to the New York Times, also known as the preeminent punk encyclopedia) moved from Mexico to New York City in the early ’70s to become an artist and ended up a Bowery fixture. He met Dee Dee Ramone by chance (before the Ramones existed, actually) and Vega remained a close friend of the band’s, even designing their iconic presidential seal logo.

A new gallery space is opening at 6 East 1st Street, Howl! Happening, run by the same organization responsible for Howl! Festival and the artwork of Arturo Vega will make up the inaugural exhibition, Arturo Vega: American Treasure. According to EV Grieve, the centerpiece of the exhibition will be the artist’s silver dollar paintings, photorealist depictions of silver dollars held by open hands. In the ’70s the Bowery was panhandling central, so Vega’s obsession with the imagery makes perfect sense.

Be sure to stop by for the opening reception on Saturday, March 28th between 6 and 8 pm. Arturo Vega: American Treasure runs through Saturday, April 25.

Correction: This post was revised to correct errors. The event is April 30, not this Friday, and only one BuzzFeed editor will be onhand.