unnamed (1)If you’re still feeling like a dummy for missing last week’s panel on punk and feminism at the Brooklyn Museum, listen up because this weekend starts out with a similar bang: on Friday Pervasive Feminismsa multi-faceted night of talks, cocktails, visual art, music, and performances is being held at–wait for it– a church in Greenpoint. And before you bail based on the venue, let me reiterate: people, it’s confirmed there will be alcohol and rad ladies on hand including Kristen Korvette (editor at Slutist), performance art collaborative Fluct, and artist-activist, musician Viva Ruiz of the Crystal Ark. Don’t miss it for fear of holy water, because according to the schedule Pastor Amy will make a speech following the panel, booze hour, and performances. All things considered, sounds like Pastor Amy is probably down for a good time.

The theme of this symposium put on by Milk and Night (the arts organization devoted to feminism curated an exhibition at Gallery Sensei when Future Feminisms was happening at the Hole) is sort of a spicy one: “femininity and the sacred.” Organizers say through the discourse of No Wave feminism they are considering the role of the “empowered female form” within a religious context. Pastor Amy as a female pastor with a background in art history will certainly have some interesting insight on the topic. But critique of the religious establishment is also welcome.

As is the completely profane: Jaiko Suzuki and Viva Ruiz will be staging what the organizers describe as a “scandalous” and “orgasmic” performance at the church’s altar. Milk and Night offer few hints as to what the hell that means, but really anything described as “orgasmic” happening in a church is either totally frightening or amazing, depending on the context and the players of course. Conclusion: definitely worth checking out.