10960037_888161011205085_6290618504395276922_oGood news, Brooklyn record hounds — you won’t have to venture into Manhattan, much less above 14th Street, for WFMU’s annual record fair, which was held at the Armory and the Metropolitan Pavilion in previous years. This year’s installment, May 1 to 3, will be held at the brand spanking new Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint. The dealer list has yet to be announced, but last year’s lineup featured local vendors like Record Grouch as well as dozens of out-of-towners like Ecstatic Yod Collective, the Massachusetts-based label/shop co-run by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.

For still more beer-fueled record shopping, stop by the vinyl fair that Queens Tavern is hosting March 22 from 1pm to 7pm. It’s produced by DJ Demzta Recka and DJ Knish, who previously did the Ridgewood bar’s Wu-Tang-themed Wednesday night parties. Unlike the WFMU fair, which was $7 last year, this comparatively modest production offers free admission.