(Photos: Giulia Alexandra)

(Photos: Giulia Alexandra)

It’s hard for New Yorkers to look hip in the cold but as humans hunker down we’ve been seeing a flurry of furry fashion. We hit the streets of the East Village to see who’s hot and who’s not on the cat–er–dogwalk.

Izzie (above) looks sad – not sure if it’s because of the sweater vest or the enormous gray hairstyle.

Charlie was barely able to hold still for this shot of him in a knitted green cardigan with bold cobalt accents:

Rosie is settling for layers – fleece, fleece, and tea cozy:

The booties make for the quintessential New York look – black on black:

Harry was so excited to be photographed that when he stopped sitting for us the snow was a bit yellow:

Ponta is a little more poised in this classic Norwegian sweater and embroidered harness:

Lola doesn’t give a crap. The squirrels are far too interesting:

And the winner is Coda, the Shiba Inu. She probably scored this Burberry knockoff in Times Square but at the end of the day, it’s not what you wear that counts – it’s the size of your smile.