It’s Settled: ‘Marge vs. the Monorail’ Is the Best Simpsons Episode of All-Time

Last month, while Simpsons Club counted down the show’s top 17 episodes at Nitehawk, we asked a Simpsons superfan to pick his own favorites, so we could compare the two lists and name the best episode of all-time. Chris O. Cook gave us his list a couple of weeks ago and now Kris King of Simpsons Club has posted his list minus the #1 episode, which he reveals to us right here, right now.
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Remembering Bushwick Musician, Artist, and Bartender Christo Buffam

Christo Facebook Photo

(Buffam’s FB profile photo)

Last night, friends and family members of Christo Buffam gathered at Cheap Storage to commemorate the life of the musician and artist who, last Wednesday, died in his apartment of unknown causes at the age of 31.

The Bushwick venue filled quickly, leaving no question that Buffam — who played guitar with The Vandelles and Dead Leaf Echo – was loved. “There are people from Iceland, Switzerland, San Antonio, the UK,” said Eric Ervin, manager of the Vandelles and the event’s DJ. 
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Begin Again Is the Gazillionth Movie to Slum It at 7B

Here’s the newly released trailer for Begin Again, about an ex-record exec (Mark Ruffalo) who takes up with a singer-songwriter (Keira Knightley) who’s just been dumped by her rocker boyfriend (Adam Levine). After he gets canned, Ruffalo’s character (who lives above Congee Village) does what any fictional schmuck would do: he ties one on at 7B, aka Vazac’s. Which makes this rom-com (premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival this month and going wide in July) the latest in a long line of movies and tv shows to have filmed at the East Village corner spot.
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New Footage of Missing Bushwick Designer; Lindsay Lohan Visits BK Bazaar

Street Newtons

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

New footage shows missing Bushwick designer Jay Ott walking over the Williamsburg Bridge around 5 a.m. Sunday. [Brooklyn Eagle]

And now another Bushwicker, 15-year old male Casey Chance, is missing. [Free Williamsburg]

Sources tell the Post that an arrest is imminent in the slaying of developer Menachem Stark. [NY Post]
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