Green Oasis Community Garden (Photo: Communal Spaces)

Green Oasis Community Garden (Photo: Communal Spaces)

If you missed the MoRUS Film Fest’s community-garden screenings, well then shame on you! But okay, okay, here’s another chance to take in some culture amidst the horticulture of the East Village.

“Communal Spaces,” founded by Lillian Meredith, commissions half-hour plays inspired by specific community gardens, and then stages them there. “Some of the gardens are more haphazard while others are more manicured,” the organizer explains. “They are like jungles, or barbecue hang outs, or magical hidden places. The plays reflect the unique feeling of their garden, and turn the garden itself into a character.”

Here’s this year’s program — performances are Friday through Sunday during the last three weekends of September.

“Tim and Tuna in Town”  Josh Gulotta
Two strangers have a chance encounter in the heart of a city gone dark.
11 a.m. at Siempre Verde, Stanton and Attorney Streets

“Extinguish Yourself” by Angela Santillo
A garden party goes horribly wrong. An Emily Post catastrophe.
12:30 p.m. at Miracle Garden, E 3rd St. between Avenues A and B

Two guys get day-drunk and talk about their moms. And there’s a girl over there.
by Will Arbery in All People’s Garden
3 p.m. at All People’s Garden, E 3rd St bet. Aves C and D

“CO . OP” by Patrick Shaw
George is new to Little Prairie Co-op Apartments – small space, great garden, friendly neighbor, but wait– How co-op is too co-op? Please direct your questions to the Co-op Manager.
4 p.m at Parque de Tranquilidad, E 4th St. bet. Aves C and D

“Limoncello” by Alexandra Bassett
Old-timey tales, shared drinks in cool glass bottles, an anthem, and finally frivolity; followed by the looming space age.
6 p.m. at Green Oasis, E. 8th St. bet. Aves C and D