Domino Sugar [color crop]

(Photo: Dima James)

Starting Tuesday, everyone’s favorite place to get shmasty in the dark is adding live music to its magic formula of movies, munchies and booze — and taking the party outdoors, for free.

Nitehawk Cinema is hosting a series of “screenings under the stars” at Havemeyer Park, an old lot turned grassy knoll across the street from Domino Sugar factory.

Each of the three screenings pairs a flick with a musical twin: Tuesday’s screening of Best Little Whore House in Texas will get a pre-show serenade from the Dolly Parton cover band Doll Parts (pretty genius, right? far as a cover band name goes); Chicago, on September 10, gets a 1920s dance band number; and Goldfinger, on September 14 17, will be introduced with Morricone Youth‘s “spy-danger-diabolic” tunes, as described by Nitehawk founder Matthew Viragh.

To round out the audio/visual experience, Brooklyn Brewery and Brooklyn Star will cover your taste buds with brews and snacks like chicken and waffle cones, and Nitehawk will provide their outrageous popcorns, like the one with lemon salt and rosemary brown butter.

“We’re an intimate theater – our largest is only 92 seats – and the capacity [at Havemeyer Park] is 1,000,” said Viragh, describing his excitement about bringing the Nitehawk experience outdoors. “The park is great, it has a really big lawn and you can bring a blanket and lounge out and it has amazing views of the Williamsbug Bridge and Domino factory.”

Crazier still? If all goes well with this series, says Viragh, he’d like to do the same thing in the winter and turn everyone into their own little heater with strong booze and heavy food.

Whoa, that sounds amazing. But in the meantime, let’s concentrate on hanging on to the dregs of summer, why don’t we?

RSVP to Tuesday’s Screening Under the Stars here. Free with a $5 suggested donation. Doors are at 6:30 p.m. but show up early to guarantee entrance before the park fills to capacity.