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Four Films to See When You Get Sick of the Sun

Casting Jonbenet

Friday April 28 through Thursday May 4 at The Metrograph: $15

Just as OJ: Made in America took on a sensationalized murder case that became a defining feature of the American cultural landscape thanks to relentless media coverage, Casting Jonbenet looks to the as-yet-unsolved murder of Jonbenet Ramsey. The six-year-old beauty queen who became an international icon and potent symbol of the Great (White) Child Abduction Panic– which you definitely remember if you were a kid growing up in the ’80s and ’90s. If you immediately associate lollipops with stranger danger and trench coats with flashers, then yes, you are a product of the Jonbenet years.

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Design on a Dime Is the Fair For Furniture Fetishists on a Budget

The annual Design on a Dime fair kicked off last night with a party hosted by actor turned East Village bar owner Alan Cumming. If you missed it, you can still cumm on over to Metropolitan Pavilion to peep an array of vignettes created by local designers. Unlike BKLYN Designs, which returns to Greenpoint next month, admission to this one is free, and proceeds from whatever you buy go to Housing Works and the non-profit’s efforts to house formerly homeless individuals with HIV/AIDS.

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The Rainbow Food Trend Has Finally Caught On to Cocktails

Ever since the rainbow bagel went viral, there’s been an onslaught of confections that look like something out of Rainbow Brite’s pantry. Hey, I like rainbows as much as the next guy, but I was kind of hoping this trend would be kiboshed after Stephen Colbert called the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino a “sugary affront to God.”

Alas, no. A publicist informs us that ever-inventive Park Slope restaurant Gristmill has created a Unicorn Fizz, a happy-shiny take on a Ramos Fizz that’s colored by pamplemousse liqueur, blue curacao and grenadine.

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Signs of Summer: Tacoway Beach, Brooklyn Barge Reopen

(Photo: Melissa Hom for NY Mag)

Just in time for this 80-degree weather, two of the city’s most unique outdoor drinking and dining spots have announced their reopenings.

We’ve been waiting on The Brooklyn Barge’s reopening date ever since the rest of the city’s floating bars announced theirs. And now we have it: Greenpoint’s favorite waterside watering hole will be serving food and drinks starting Thursday, May 4.

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Sebastian Junger’s Syria Doc, Hell on Earth, Tackles ‘The Greatest Tragedy of Our Generation’

After the premiere of Hell on Earth at the Tribeca Film Festival, an audience member asked filmmakers Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested why they had chosen The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS, as the subtitle has it, as the topic of their documentary.

“It’s the greatest tragedy of our generation and we had to address it,” Quested told a crowd Wednesday at Cinépolis Chelsea.

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Reduced-Price Ferry Rides; Live Like an Olympian in the EV

Next week the East River Ferry will be rechristened NYC Ferry, providing riders with considerable cheaper fares. [DNA Info]

Monday night in the East Village, office-seekers for City Council Districts 1 and 2 will discuss local preservation initiatives. [EV Grieve]

Snowboarder and two-time gold medalist Shaun White is selling his E. 13th Street penthouse (in a building with a rooftop pool) for $2.8 million. [NY Post] Keep Reading »

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What to Expect On May Day: Marches, Patti Smith, and the ‘Adventurous, Angry, and Arrest-able’

(Photo: Amanda Waldroupe for The Local East Village)

Grab your bandiera rossa, May Day is just around the corner and labor rights groups have called for mass actions and strikes across New York City for the international worker’s holiday. Calls to action have been especially focused on expressing solidarity with immigrant workers.

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New Kosciuszko Bridge Opens Tonight, and FDR’s Packard Has Already Crossed It

(Photo: governorandrewcuomo on Flickr)

Governor Cuomo inaugurated the new Kosciuszko Bridge in style today, driving across it in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s old Packard while Polish folk dancers looked on. The ribbon cutting marked the opening of the bridge’s Queens-bound side, a $555 million effort that will be followed by the addition of a Brooklyn-bound span.

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A Photographer’s Fond Farewell to American Apparel

The staff of American Apparel’s NYC flagship store in NoHo on its final day, 4/26/17 at 7pm. (Photo: Nick McManus)

During the early aughts when I was a film student at Hunter College there was a small window of time when yoga pants hadn’t taken over the streets and Polaroid still walked all over digital photography. You could get Super-8 film developed same-day and a weekly Metrocard was only $63. After you swiped it and got on those emptier train cars of yore the only thing for a cool city kid to do besides keeping the CD player from skipping was read the latest issue of Vice. When it was only a magazine, Vice was the only one that mattered, right down to the back cover ads inspired by ’80s adult movies, courtesy of American Apparel. As the brand’s retail locations opened up all over the city, what was once just something on the back of the now defunct L magazine became part of my city’s physical landscape and helped define the “new” New York over the next decade.

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Week in Shows: Dance Party in an Rx Drug Den, Females Keep Screaming, and More

(Flyer via Future Punx/ Facebook)

Screaming Females, Future Punx, Snakeskin 
Thursday April 27, 8 pm at Brooklyn Bazaar: $15

There’s never not a good time to see Bushwick’s own sci-fi synth-punk sensations, Future Punx, in action, but this particular show has a lineup that’s especially motivating– the headliners Screaming Females are almost guaranteed to get your friends off the ashy bean bag. It’s definitely been a while since these DIY vets released a new album (2015’s Rose Mountain was their last) but in the grand scheme of things, they’re doing pretty dang ok. (I mean, Rose Mountain was universally beloved for one, and as long as the Females aren’t moving into early retirement right after one last go at the ol’ stinky-foot tour route, I’m willing to guess that they are (still) in it for the long haul.

Actually (in my book, anyway) it’s much more reassuring to see a band touring outside of the music industrial complex’s oppressive and ultimately really just kind of boring and predictable record-promote-release-tour model– it’s indication that said band might be motivated by things other than career/success/ladies/money/401Ks. Though you need only see the Females live to know that they’re passionate about what they do.

(Flyer via Babycastles)

Meat Market: Vas Deferens, Coatie Pop, Nandi Loaf, Pity Laugh, Little Pain
Friday April 28,  8 pm to 11 pm at Pfizer (630 Flushing Avenue):$5 to $10, suggested donation

Ok, so the number one reason to get to Meat Market this weekend is that the title will automatically put everyone in a really gelatinous, tubular sort of mood– in short, loose. Which, duh, means great dancing. Secondly, the Pzifer building– if you’ve never been– is a massive, labyrinthian chip off the ol’ drug-manufacturing block, replete with medical, pill-pressing relics of yore, yes, but also the kind of double-wide elevators, expansive factory-sized corridors, and wide open spaces that come with the post-industrial territory. All of which make this a perfectly awesome place to throw a weird dance party.

Oh, yeah, the music (brought to you by the Babycastles crew), should be sufficiently out-there as well. For one, there’s Coatie Pop, who is a regular Mother Teresa. mean, I can only assume she’s charitable and worthy of sainthood because she dresses up like a nun and lights a bunch of mass candles for her performances. (Seriously, though, it’s cool looking.)

Even if you’re like me and otherwise haven’t really heard of anyone on this lineup, you can trust it’s gonna be sufficiently freaky since the show is happening in conjunction with E /\/ C O U/\/ T E R S, a performance-based art show curated by Vera Petukhova with some fabulous contributing artists including Angelina Dreem.

(Image via AdHoc)

Laser Background, Operator Music Band, Norwegian Arms, Railings
Friday April 28, 8 pm at Trans-Pecos: $10

Andy Molholt recently dropped a new album under the guise of his psych-pop project Laser Background, and it’s called Dark Nuclear Bogs, which to be honest is kind of perfect for our uncertain, heavily-armed present. If you’re pretty sure that SALT I and SALT II is the kind of stuff you load into novelty porcelain shakers, then all I have to say is, wow we are doomed.

If such dark pronouncements for the future make you restless, then perhaps you’d prefer to think about the (tiny) possibility of a Utopian outcome for our difficult species. We’ve got just the sound for that– but first we have a few questions: If you’re either a) completely unsatisfied with the breadth of Kraftwerk’s extensive catalogue or b) convinced that Kraftwerk is a new kind of vitamin B- and taurine-fortified processed cheese product from Kraft (“It Runs! It Jumps! The Only Thing It Doesn’t Do Is Melt!”) then Operator Music Band is for you.


(Flyer via Facebook)

Saturday April 29, 10 pm to 4 am at OMG Pizza: free before midnight

Apparently you really can throw a rave at a pizza joint. Who knew? As long as you can stomach the smell of food whilst dancing/candy flipping, and are not prone to terrifying, mastication-induced hallucinations when you’re high as hell on water, then we fully encourage your attendance.

As you might have deduced from the name, TechnoFeminism boasts a “female” (in any way that might be expressed)-centric lineup, which is actually saying a lot for the hyper-masculine, DJ Man Man world of techno and electronic music. I mean, when was the last time that you went to a rave/dance party/what-have-you that was all, or even mostly, headlined by women, female-identifying musicians, and/ or even outspoken feminists? Yeah, we thought so.


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Secret Project Robot Reopening; McDonald’s Rankles Bushwick Artists

Monday night on Banker Street, a 26-year-old woman claims she was raped by two men inside a portable toilet. Two men were questioned by police yesterday for allegedly stealing her cellphone, but they were not arrested due to “inconsistencies” in the woman’s account. Now, however, the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez is investigating the case more seriously. [DNA Info]

Secret Project Robot, the Bushwick DIY space that shuttered in late Summer 2016 due to rising rents, will be back in business one week from tonight at 1186 Broadway. [Bushwick Daily]

Artists from The Bushwick Collective allege that McDonald’s used their murals in a corporate video without seeking permission or providing payment. The fast food retailer will soon open an outpost in the neighborhood. [Bushwick Daily] Keep Reading »